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Edits of the original picture tend to change the last panel of the image and are often deep-fried. The image, however, is not one that would be associated with the phrase in future edits. An early version of that picture was posted April 29th, by Instagram user damnyworsnop [2] and features an older boy saying the phrase shown below. In the following months, the image would be deep-fried and have the last panel changed to reference various shitpost memes such as Whoppy Machine Broke and My Name Is Jeff.

Oct 04, at Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. The next realm is the human realm, where all of us find ourselves in this lifetime. This is the best place for us to be, because this is the only place we can become enlightened. We cannot become enlightened in heaven, things are too nice, and we have no reason to strive. We cannot become enlightened in hell, because things are so bad, all we do is suffer. In this human rebirth, we have enough happiness and joy to keep us from taking our own lives, and we experience anxiety and fear to keep us striving.

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We cannot relax too long in any one mental state as a human, because all things are in a constant state of flux. The next lower realm, is the animal realm. The animal realm is marked by wanting to have sex, wanting to have food, wanting to have sleep, and being totally confused.

Those are the four characteristics found in the animal realm.

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So you can see, we are not likely to become enlightened as an animal. A Zen question-- Does a dog have Buddha nature? Yes, a dog does have the potential to become enlightened, but only in the human realm.

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  8. Can animals be reborn as humans beings? Yes, if they come into contact with the Dharma, see a Buddhist temple, or smell incense burning. The contact can plant a Dharma seed which takes root when they're reborn as humans. They can achieve their full potential and become enlightened, but only as a human being.

    So, it's up to all of us to help our pets be reborn in the human realm. The next realm is called the hungry ghost realm.

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    7. The hungry ghost is often pictured as a giant creature, with a large stomach and a pinhole for a mouth. It can never end it's hunger no matter how much it eats, it never finds satisfaction. In the hell realm, the worst place, you find the most suffering. Your are given little hell bodies when you enter.

      Then, one day you might be walking through a forest, when all the leaves on a tree turn into razor blades and fall, cutting you into a million pieces. You cry out in pain, and your hell body resurrects, so you can be killed over and over again. The only way to get out of the hell realm is to burn through the karma that put you there. Suffering is the only act of purification in hell, and much suffering is necessary before the next rebirth.


      So, do Buddhists go to heaven? Do Buddhists go to hell? Do Buddhists go to Christian heaven or hell? In the Buddhist model of afterlife, there are specific practices necessary to achieve rebirth in heaven, and more important, there are specific practices necessary to attain Nirvana.

      Do Buddhists Go to Heaven?

      The Buddha did not leave afterlife up to chance. Just because a person says he's a Buddhist does not ensure rebirth in heaven or Nirvana. The Buddhist path to afterlife is a labor intensive practice that requires personal responsibility. It's no surprise that we are going to die, but how many people think about their next lifetime? If you're a Buddhist it's important to look at life as a continuum, as a process of birth and death, a constant state of becoming, and a chance to practice.

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      To explain rebirth, I like the analogy of going to an airport with a suitcase. I put the suitcase on a conveyor belt so it can be loaded into the luggage compartment of the airplane. But, I am not getting on the plane, just the suitcase. The suitcase contains my karmic energy. When the karmic energy gets to its new destination, my next lifetime picks up the suitcase.

      If all the things that are purely about God in this life are, to us, dull and uninteresting, and all we do is bide our time until we can get back to the TV, then Heaven would be torture. There would be no leaving God to get back to the TV. It would be only God always.

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      For people like me, to find joy in such an existence takes practice. To desire God above all else requires spiritual exercise and conditioning. Drop to your knees when you get home tonight and pray. Tell me how long you last before you need to pick up your phone to scroll Facebook. Those are just regular people who loved themselves more than God and preferred their own enjoyment to worshiping and serving Him. Approved posts to MyVoice will be live on the site within a few hours.

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