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Of the total of six outcomes, 3 is one outcome. If you are rolling a regular die, what is the probability of rolling an even number? Of the six possible outcomes, half, or three outcomes, could be an even number. You are randomly choosing a card from a deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that the card you pick will be a king? Of the 52 possible outcomes, four outcomes are kings. You are visiting a kennel that has three German shepherds, four Labrador retrievers, two Chihuahuas, three poodles, and five West Highland terriers.

When you arrive, the dogs are taking a walk.

Probability: Determining Chance

What is the probability of seeing a German shepherd first? Out of a total of 17 dogs, 3 are German shepherds. Two out of three students in Mr.

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Allen's class prefer buying lunch to bringing it. Twenty students prefer buying lunch. How many students are in Mr.

Fifth Grade Probability Worksheets and Printables

Students can set up the following problem: Solve for X, which equals 30, so there are 30 students in Mr. After students have completed the Classroom Activity Sheet, go over their responses. Then assign the Take-Home Activity Sheet: If time permits, review their answers during the next class period.

Have students write their answers as a ratio only. Then challenge students to work on the Take-Home Activity Sheet in pairs. Go over their responses in class. Back to Top Discussion Questions 1. Name professions that use probability. Many scientists and social scientists use probability, including epidemiologists, psychologists, economists, and statisticians.

They predict outcomes of events, such as the incidence of diseases and the strength of the stock market. Imagine you are on the school debate team and the subject at hand is whether companies should drill for oil in Antarctica. What statistics would you look for if you're arguing in favor of oil exploration there?

5th Grade Probability Worksheets & Free Printables |

What statistics would you look for to support your argument against drilling there? What are some ways that numbers could support arguments on both sides? Think about numbers you may have seen in advertisements, such as "X Juice is 90 percent real juice," or "Y cereal has 35 percent of the total vitamins needed in one day. What does it mean when you hear the weather reporter predict a 10 percent chance of rain? Is that a high or low probability? Express the probability that your mother will let you have a sleepover next weekend as a probability, assuming that the total number of outcomes is What factors would increase the probability that she would say yes?

If you finish all your homework and chores, go to bed on time. What factors would decrease the probability that she would say yes? Place value and decimals Powers of Place value and decimals Multiplying and dividing with powers of Place value and decimals Comparing decimal place values: Place value and decimals Regrouping decimal numbers: Measurement and data Finding volume: Measurement and data Unit conversion: Unit measurement word problems: Measurement and data Data: Intro to the coordinate plane: Geometry Coordinate plane word problems: Algebraic thinking Number patterns: Fraction multiplication as scaling Multiplication as scaling.

5th grade probability worksheets

Multiplying decimals by 10, , and Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, , and Coordinate plane word problems quadrant 1 Coordinate plane word problems. Decimal place value review Decimal place value intro. Powers of 10 review Powers of Although 5th grade students may find the calculations to be a challenge, they are able to make general predictions by calculating basic probability problems.

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In doing so, they will learn the terms and phrases used in reading and writing probability. When you read a problem that contains the phrase "what are the chances" or "how likely is," you can be pretty sure that you are reading a probability problem. Even without numerical data, we can make general predictions what outcomes can be. Standard probability terms are: What are the chances that we will pledge the flag this morning?

The possibility of there being pizza for lunch on Friday? The chance that the teacher is an alien?

Language Used in Probability Problems

There are some special terms used when reading or writing about probability. Testing an action for information about an uncertain outcome. A list of all of the possible outcomes of the experiment.