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A camp where, under the supervision of pet humans, recruits are shown not only how to save the world but also how to manage their secret identities. If you like a fun story with pictures of cute kittens saving the planet, this is the book for you.

International Kittens of Mystery - Chris Dolley's Journal

Some eReaders, those without color, will display them in black and white and reduce the size of the pictures to fit their display screen. Download An Ebook Sample: I know it will remain a source of fun for us for years to come.

The secrets of training kittens to become international superspies. You can take a look at gigolokitty.

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But he did frequently look peeved if the finery was not up to his exacting standards. Thanks, I'll take a look.

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Gigolokitty maybe a tad too good looking, and contented, to play Jack Miaower but I'll have a scroll through. You've got some excellent piccies. February 14th, Not the one of Lucy wearing the reindeer antlers with the "Tonight Or one of the many times we I managed to capture Tarwee and dress him in my Cabbage Patch Kid clothes?

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February 23rd, I just sent you one of my Buddy cat wearing a tuxedo! February 24th, Confessions of a Pioneer Games Designer.

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